The bathroom can be overlooked when it comes time to make design improvements to a home. And yet, people spend plenty of time every day in the bathroom, so why wouldn’t they want it to look inviting and be as functional as possible?


Here are some of the top designs of the year for bathrooms, according to bathroom designers. Use this list as a source of inspiration for your bathroom remodeling ideas or bathroom decor ideas.


Eye Catching Tubs


It’s safe to say that recent times have been stressful for many people. A hot bath is a great way to destress and start to feel better before going back to everything else.


But all baths are not created equal, functionally, or aesthetically.

Bathroom Tub Ideas

More striking, eye-catching tubs that are also very usable have become a big trend in bathroom design.


One type of tub bathroom designers is turning to more often lately is deep soaking tubs. They’re fashionable and functional for that spa feeling from the comfort of one’s own home. Also popular now are unique freestanding tubs. They are elegant and modern and, in color like black, they provide a great focal point for the whole bathroom.


Learn more about the trend here.


Futuristic Bathrooms

Smart technology is making it into every corner of the house, one room at a time. The bathroom certainly didn’t escape this fate.


High-tech toilets are the upgrade many people didn’t know they were missing out on. With features like seat warmers, white noise machines, automatic lid openers, and odor control, the smart toilet may be as valuable as an actual throne.


The toilet’s not the only bathroom element getting an upgrade, though. Smart showers can have built-in Bluetooth speakers and be remotely controlled. Smart mirrors can tell you you’re the fairest of them all as soon as you step out of the shower with smart lighting showing your best features at your command.


Once upon a time, not too long ago, a towel warmer was the most high-tech thing anyone had in their bathroom, but it’s a whole new world in the bathroom now. You may never want to leave.


For a clearer picture of what a brilliant bathroom can look like, click here.


Green Bathrooms


No, that doesn’t mean painting the bathroom green. A new trend in bathrooms is to incorporate plants and greenery for a taste of the outdoors indoors. Of course, house plants have been a growing trend in every room in the house, but putting them in the bathroom might just be catching on now.


Some people have been incorporating plants in the bathroom, the shower specifically, for a long time for potential improvements to their health. Hanging eucalyptus in the rain is said to help with symptoms of colds and flu, for example.


Plants help clean the air and connect people with nature without leaving their homes. Hopefully, the result will be a calming effect, which makes the bathroom a great place to start the day.


Just remember, plants need natural light, so they should only be left in places where the sunshine will reach them.


Get inspired to create your green bathroom with the details and pictures shown here.


Colorful, Glossy Tiles


Tiles are an age-old bathroom staple. But they don’t have to look stale and dull.


The tile design of the moment is saturated, shiny colored tile. Unlike matte tiles, glossy tiles catch the light beautifully and bring a real visual interest to whichever areas of the room they are applied.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas, tiles, bathtubs

As for the color, that choice is best left up to the bathroom designers and owners, but jewel tones are a big and bold option that shouldn’t be ignored. A shower covered in gorgeous emerald green glossy tiles will be a unique and unforgettable feature in any bathroom.


White tiles are excellent for the simple, clean look, but they simply don’t have the same x-factor.


Check out this site for more information on this trend.


Statement Mirrors


A simple yet impactful update to any bathroom tries switching out an old mirror for a new decorative one.


Mirrors come in various shapes and styles, so there’s no need to stick to just the basics of plain rectangles and ovals. Try a mirror with an impressive frame or an asymmetrical shape to bring some more character to your bathroom.


A unique mirror can bring the feel of an average bathroom to the next level. Yes, mirrors can be a bit of a pricier item, but you can consider it an investment in your home. Vintage shops are a great place to look for the perfect new mirror for your bathroom.


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