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Top 5 Companies for the Best Carpet Cleaning, Berkeley, CA

The coziness of a carpet in a home is exceptional, except when it is not the cleanest.

So, does your carpet contain pet stains, beverage residue, muddy footprints, or any dirt? It looks unsightly, right? It does not make your home cozy.

If you’re used to vacuuming your carpet and assume everything is fine, well, it’s time to make a change by looking into hiring carpet cleaning services for a good carpet cleaning.

Here’s the thing; without proper carpet cleaning, dirt tends to inground itself into your carpet fibers, and that’s not all. Allergens get absorbed, which interferes with your indoor air quality, and sooner rather than later, your family will be exposed to contaminants and impurities.

So, hiring professionals is the best way to maintain a healthier living environment and extend the life of your carpets and rugs.

There are several carpet cleaning companies in Berkeley, CA, for you to explore. And as expected, every other company claims to be the best in delivering quality services at affordable prices.

The problem is that not all of them deliver quality.

Lucky for you, we got your back; we’ve looked at some carpet cleaners in Berkely, CA, analyzed each, and hand-picked the top 5 based on their qualifications, reputation with previous clients, experience, and of course, their reliability.

Check them out:

#1. Blue Diamond Housekeeping Agency

Blue Diamond Housekeeping Agency is a reliable and professional cleaning company providing residential and commercial cleaning services to the residents of Oakland, Berkeley, Pinole, Richmond, Lafayette, Pleasanton, CA, and the surrounding areas.

The company highly holds its clients’ needs, and its team of experts is committed to meeting every customer’s needs.

Blue Diamond Agency has 19 years of experience in the cleaning industry. It has an unquestionable track record of quality for the good reviews and ratings the company has on Facebook, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor.

The company is fully insured and bonded, and it only uses the best eco-friendly cleaning products in all of its cleaning deals.

In addition, their team of experts is thoroughly trained and has been provided with the necessary knowledge of the skills and artistry required to deliver quality cleaning effectively.

The company’s experts also undergo intensive background checks to ensure trustworthiness, honesty, and reliability.

So, from Blue Diamond Housekeeping Agency, you will get good quality services from honest and trusted experts. Even better, the company shuns away from using toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your family, including the pets.

Give them a call, watch them arrive on time, do the cleaning, and leave your home or business sparkling clean and smelling nice. Plus, their services come at very reasonable prices.

Their cleaning services include:

Give Blue Diamond a call or visit their site if you’d like to have your carpets cleaned by them.

#2. All Green Carpet Clean

All Green Carpet Clean is a licensed and insured carpet cleaning service company serving residential and commercial properties in Berkeley, CA.

The company has teams of highly trained and experienced local cleaning professionals who have extensive knowledge and skillset in regular and specialized eco-friendly cleaning services.

Additionally, the company has equipment that allows them to check for any form of damage found on their clients’ carpets before they clean them.

It also uses several carpet and rug cleaning techniques, such as deep steam carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, and anti-microbial cleaning, which involves a treatment method that inhibits mold, mildew, yeast, and bacterial growth.

The company has outstanding customer service, and they have excellent reviews with a 5-stat rating on most customer review sites such as Google, Angie’s List, and even Facebook.

A general list of their services includes:

#3. Berkeley Rug House

Established in 2013, Berkeley Rug House has been delivering expert cleaning and professional restoration and repair of all handmade area rugs worldwide, both antique and new oriental rugs.

The owner, Mohammed Banie, has over 40 years of experience since they ventured into the carpet cleaning business back in 1972 before he established Berkely Rug House in 2013.

Mohammed B. is an expert in restoring antique Persian rugs. If you’re looking for the perfect Persian rug to match your home’s interior, he’s your guy.

This company uses 100% organic and eco-friendly products to restore the rug’s original colors and enhance its vibrancy. The company also offers remedies for different carpet damages and spills.

Berkeley Rug House also has conquered a good customer base in Berkeley, and it has a 5-star rating on Yelp and Google to show for it.

So, if your Persian or oriental rugs need cleaning in Berkely, this is your guy. Call him.

Here’s a list of their services:

#4. The Cooperative Cleaning Company

Founded in 1987 by Sarah Neil, The Cooperative Cleaning Company is one of the oldest carpet cleaning companies that has been serving Oakland and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

The company has stayed in business for this long thanks to its one goal, which is to deliver superior services to its clients using environmentally certified green cleaning products while giving its employees a safe, clean, and stable work environment with compensation that exceeds the industry average.

Dependability, consistency, trust, and flexibility are the driving force that keeps this company afloat. More than that, quality is a priority for this company; they also offer free correction services for unhappy clients.

For faster drying, while yielding environmentally friendly results, this company uses HOST dry extraction carpet cleaning, which doesn’t leave any residue.

Their cleaning services entail:

To find out more, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

#5. Larry’s Extreme Clean

Larry’s Extreme Clean is a professional carpet cleaning company owned and operated by one Larry Lynch.

Larry handles all the cleaning jobs personally; he uses water-based solutions that are gentle but effective and non-toxic.

His steam cleaning methods effectively treat stubborn stains, odors, and spots of all kinds.

More importantly, Larry has an excellent customer base of happy clients; check them out on Yelp and Angie’s List.

His business is also BBB accredited with an A+ rating.

So, if you reside in El Cerrito, CA, and the surrounding areas, Larry’s Extreme Clean can be of great help.

His services include:

The Bottom line

Carpet cleaning in the right hands is a worthwhile investment. If you’re from Berkeley, CA, one of these five companies might probably be your next carpet cleaning expert.

Still, do your thorough research. Use the following factors to find the right carpet cleaning company:

Industry training and certification

Inquire about the company’s licensing, and don’t forget about the training they give to their professionals.

An ideal company would be one that trains and updates its employees occasionally on new techniques.

Insurance and licensing

To protect yourself from any damage liability during the cleaning process, your professional carpet cleaner should have insurance covering all risks if they damage your carpet and rugs.

They should also have licensing as this shows that they are operating legally.


Knowledge attainable via experience is one of the greatest mysteries. So, find out how long the company has been in business and check online reviews.

Plus, don’t forget to ask friends and neighbors for cleaning services they’ve hired before. If they were happy, you’d most likely be too.

Satisfaction guarantee

A good carpet cleaning company offers a guarantee for their work. Stains may return, so what will they do if that happens? Please know how long their warranty lasts and what the warranty covers.

Ask questions

By asking relevant questions such as; the services they offer:

And such questions. This way, you’ll get to know how well your carpet will turn out right before you hire the company.

When you’ve narrowed your search to your chosen company, ensure you get everything in writing before service begins.

What’s our pick?

Are the five options still confusing for you? Our ultimate recommendation is with Blue Diamond Housekeeping Agency; they check all the qualifications mentioned above.

They are also very professional and their quality is unmatched. Combined with their excellent customer relation, we are sure you cannot go wrong with this.


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