Best kitchen designs for the new COVID household. With restaurant dining restricted in many places, people are spending more time in their kitchens than ever. 


Here are some kitchen remodeling ideas and kitchen ideas from the top kitchen designers to make the room as inviting and useful as possible. 


  1. Smart Kitchen Designs


With technology becoming ever-present in every other room in the house, it makes sense that the kitchen is no exception. There are all sorts of smart gadgets the tech-savvy designer can add to their kitchen to make cooking and daily life more comfortable.


Digital assistants like Siri and Alexa can be integrated into various kitchen functions like lighting to+ be voice-controlled or remotely operated. 

smart kitchen design and kitchen remodeling ideas

There are also smart faucets on the market to make the chore of washing your hands possible without ever touching the sink. Just say the command, and the tap will run. Nifty, right?


The refrigerator and other major appliances can also come in “smart” forms and be wifi-enabled for extra functionality. The additional investment in a smart fridge may come in handy when you forget your shopping list for the millionth time and, instead of shopping blindly, can take a peek inside your fridge without leaving the store. 


Smart kitchens may not be for everyone, but they are a trend that just isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, if kitchen technologies keep developing this way, soon you won’t have to lift a finger yourself. 


Read more about this trend from Sebring Design Build here


  • Experimenting with Color 


Bland, sterile white kitchens have been popular for years now, but the tide may be turning toward kitchens that experiment with color. 


It doesn’t just have to be on the walls, either. A splash of color can come in painted cabinets, brightly colored appliances, or eye-catching decor. 


Black is becoming a trendy color for kitchens. So long as the room has plenty of natural lighting, using black as the primary color in kitchens can produce a sleek, modern feel. 


Repainting in a new, more exciting color is an easy way to update a kitchen’s look without making significant expensive and time-consuming changes. This trend may just provide the visual interest any kitchens are lacking. 


For some inspiration, see actual examples of kitchens following this trend here


  • Hidden Storage 


One of the most essential elements of any kitchen is storage. Is there enough? Is it convenient? Well, this trend asks a new question: does it look good?


Bulky appliances such as blenders and stand mixers were often left out on the counter, taking up valuable space and acting as visual clutter. With hidden storage, that isn’t a problem anymore. 


There are lots of innovative ways to include hidden storage in the kitchen design, one of which is sliding cabinet doors in the style of barn doors. They wouldn’t work with every kitchen style, but they are a creative and pleasing way to hide some storage space while still leaving the stored items easily accessible. 


Another trend that can be considered a form of hidden storage is putting appliances in drawers. Significant appliances like freezers can be seamlessly and conveniently integrated into the existing cabinetry as drawers. This option has been around for years but is currently gaining popularity.


Any kitchen filled with things that might be better stored away out of sight can benefit from the hidden storage trend. 


Find more information about the trend here


  • Bold Backsplashes 


Much like the trend of experimenting with color, the bold backsplash trend speaks to homeowners’ desire to make their kitchens more visually pleasing and exciting. 


Bold backsplashes can come in many forms at all different price points, so they can be an excellent option for anyone looking to spice up their kitchen.


Whether patterned or solid colored, a striking backsplash will catch the eye and likely garner many guests’ compliments. They add texture and intrigue to the kitchen while becoming part of the room seamlessly when done correctly.  


See more about the trend and backsplash options here.  


  • Dining Islands


Islands have long been favored by home chefs for the additional counter space and room they provide. But the new big trend in kitchens may be islands that are helpful for more than just cooking but for dining, too. 


Depending on the island’s size, a whole family could cook and eat together in the kitchen. It’s also a great addition to the kitchen for those who like to entertain.

kitchen designs, dining island, kitchen remodeling ideas

Traditional seating at islands are stools, but chairs can be a more comfortable option for consistent dining.  


Putting aside space in the kitchen to make room for one of these dining islands will be a worthy investment in your home. 


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