Junk can turn any place, however well decorated, into an unbelievable mess.

However, your property doesn’t need to stay in the same cluttered state when there are tons of companies specializing in junk removal services ready to help out.

Junk removal services come in handy in various situations that often seem stressful, such as when you’re moving, doing the routine spring cleanup, doing a renovation, or even in mandatory waste management for commercial properties.

junk clean up

These companies make these tasks less stressful while leaving you with a more organized and decluttered space.

They don’t just pick your unwanted items; they know their way around waste handling and waste management.

In fact, these professionals must have licensing and insurance to operate in the U.S. On top of that, they have a standard uniform unique to each company, with clean trucks and a team of trained experts.

So, if you’re looking to hire a professional junk removal service company, one of the qualifications to look at is licensing and insurance.

How does junk removal work?

Like any other service company, they work on an appointment basis. Here’s how the process goes for most junk removal companies:

  • They show up together with a trained crew and a truck on the day of the appointment
  • Conduct a thorough sweep of the place (that is if you need them to do a cleanup)
  • Sort out the waste you want disposed
  • Most, if not all, companies only dispose of non-hazardous waste. So, the list of junk items they deal with includes old appliances, old electronics, furniture items, mattresses, construction debris, landscaping and garden waste and other unwanted junk.
  • As for service charges, that will always be done on-site, based on the type and amount of junk taken out. The service charge will often include both removal and disposal fees, and sometimes the accessibility of your property based on your location will also influence the overall quotation fee.
  • When all is done, the removed junk will be hauled away to a designated licensed disposal facility, and the recyclable will be recycled.

However, before hiring or scheduling an appointment with any junk removal company, you want to ensure the whole process is as smooth as possible.

Here are tips to ensure your junk removal process goes well

  1. Always get a quote beforehand
    The costs of junk removal services vary according to the amount of junk being removed and the timeline it takes to get the job done. For the sake of staying within your budget, ensure you get a quote and confirm if its the final pricing. This will prevent any surprises by the bill after the job is done.
  2. Get a reliable company that you trust
    Sample a list of local companies, read their online customer reviews to get more insight about their services, and you can ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations.
  3. Pick a side: truck hauling vs. dumpster rental
    Truck hauling and dumpster renting both have their pros and cons. For one, truck hauling is the quickest and very much ideal if you already have your junk all bagged up and just waiting for pickup and hauling.
    On the other hand, Dumpster renting is the ideal and convenient choice for jobs that will take a week or more. However, your budget and timeline will also influence your decision to go with truck hauling or dumpster renting.
  4. Ask About what is not accepted
    Most companies don’t accept hazardous waste since they are dangerous to transport. Some other items may also be off-limits for certain companies. So, ask beforehand the kind of junk they deal with and the ones they don’t carry.
  5. Prepare your space
    This includes setting the junk in a designated place labeling the ones you need to be taken out. Also, keep a clear line of communication with the haulers if you have bulky items such as a T.V. so that they come prepared.

Now that you know what you need to do beforehand, here are the top Milford, PA junk removal companies you can count on.

#1 – All American Rubbish and Maintenance

Our top pick is All American Rubbish and Maintenance, a company serving residential and commercial properties in Brooklyn, NY, Manhattan, NY, Hawley, PA, and the surrounding areas.

The company was established in 1993, and it has over 25 years of experience in debris removal, construction services, demolition services, and more.

The team is reliable and has earned a solid reputation on the different projects they’ve done in the years that they’ve been in business.

demolition services

They pride themselves in offering quality work, and delivering outstanding results while keeping their prices at affordable rates.

What sets them apart is their great customer- service that comes at affordable rates; they strive to keep their clients happy and satisfied.

They also offer free estimates as well as senior discounts on their services.

Why choose All American Rubbish and Maintenance?

  • 25 plus years of experience, has all it takes to do the job right while ensuring they meet all junk removal needs
  • Has 4.8 star-rating on HomeAdvisor with a 97% recommendation
  • Offers free estimates
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Fast, affordable and professional service

Services offered:

  • Debris and rubbish cleanup, which includes:
    • Junk removal
    • Yard waste removal
    • Construction dust and debris
    • Fire damage cleanup
  • Interior demolition services
  • Renovations
  • Violation removal


#2- Junk King Connecticut

North America’s greenest junk removal services come in second, Junk King.

Junk King is a franchise business with operations in close to 45 states in the U.S. and Canada. Junk King Connecticut is one of the locally owned franchises under Jeff Schwartz.

Junk King Connecticut picks up and hauls almost every household junk, from old furniture, electronics, and appliance waste to construction debris, except hazardous materials.

Like all other Junk King franchises, Jeff Schwartz company also offers eco-friendly junk removal services. Instead of dumping the waste in landfills, they recycle 60% of the collected waste, repurposing some, and sometimes donating others.

Junk King Connecticut

Why Choose this company?

  • Has exceptional customer service- it is ranked #1 in customer service
  • Offers free estimate in writing
  • Holds the super service award of 2013 in Angies list
  • Has 4.9 star-rating in Yelp

Services offered:

  • Furniture removal, disposal, recycling, or donation
  • Television disposal and recycling
  • Yard waste removal
  • Clean out services
  • Appliance removal
  • Hot tub removal
  • E-waste disposal, removal, or recycling
  • Mattress disposal, removal, donation, or recycling
  • Trash removal

# 3- College HUNKS Hauling Junk

H.U.N.K.S. is an acronym for Honest Uniformed Nice Knowledgeable Service.

College Hunks is a North American company founded in 2005, serving over 100 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

It’s a home junk removal service company with a twist. Unlike the rest of these companies in this list, the HUNKS are also a moving company; you can trust them to make the moving process smooth and easy.

In addition, you can make use of their storage units to keep your essentials safe while you move. And as a complementary offer, they also do cleanup service after they’ve removed your stuff.

You can also hire college hunks if you need labor assistance for home staging needs.

Here’s why you should choose this company:

  • They recycle 70% of the junk they remove
  • Has over 15 years of experience
  • Has an average of 4.8 star-rating on major reviewing sites including Yelp
  • Delivers affordable and convenient disposal solutions

 Services they offer include:

  • Junk removal
    • Appliance recycling
    • Furniture removal basement cleanout
    • Hoarding cleanup and removal
    • Garage cleanout
    • Mattress disposal
  • Home staging services
  • Moving services
  • Labor and priority donation pickup services

#4 – 1-800-GOT-JUNK

This is one of Milford’s most trusted junk removal companies. It is also a franchise company serving 45 states and has footprints in Canada and Australia.

GOT JUNK, founded in 1989, is one of the world’s largest full-service junk removal companies dealing with various types of waste.

1-800-GOT-JUNK is easy to access, and they offer a free quotation.


Why choose 1-800-GOT-JUNK

  • Environmentally-friendly practices whenever possible
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Provide same day services
  • It’s a no-contact junk removal service
  • No credit card required

Services offered:

  • Full service residential and commercial junk removal
  • Pre and post moving junk removals
  • Renovation junk removals
  • Disaster junk removals
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Storage unit cleanouts
  • Attic cleanouts
  • Basement and crawlspace cleanouts
  • Debris and yard waste removal
  • Scrap metal recycling

The Bottom Line

All these companies offer the best professional and efficient junk removal job. You cannot go wrong with any of them—all you have to do is take your pick and let them do all the heavy lifting.

For us, we would recommend All American Rubbish and Maintenance. They check all the boxes of excellent customer services, top-notch professionalism, and most importantly, affordable and efficient services.

With their years of experience and skilled experts, you can be sure to be satisfied with their output.

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