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Top Lightning Rod Companies in Colorado

When you first visit the website of McDonald’s Lightning Protection, you will be greeted with the following words in bold capital letters:


It’s a very arresting statement, but one that could potentially save your life or the life of someone you love.

Lightning Rod Installation, Colorado

McDonald’s Lightning Protection are the number one provider of lightning rods and protection systems in the Western United States, and for good reason. Over the years they have managed to build up an astounding reputation for what they do, and they are professionals in a very specialist field.

Exceptional customer relations along with quality services is what makes this company #1. They can help you out with lightning protection services for the following structures and facilities:

The list goes on. Wherever their is the potential for a lightning strike (and lightning strikes are more common than you think), then there is a need for the services of the experts at McDonald’s Lightning Protection.

Only the Very Best Materials

The team uses only the very best UL-listed lightning protection components. The National Fire Protection Association sets forth certain requirements and McDonald’s Lightning Protection only use materials that meet or exceed these requirements. All materials are manufactured by Robbins Lightning Inc., a business that has been in existence for over 100 years. That’s saying something.


Residential Lightning Rods

At the core of their lightning rod installation is the residential sector. McDonald’s Lightning Protection have been successfully installing lightning rods in homes for more than 40 years. With four decades of experience you can count on this team of professionals to get it done right, ensuring you and your family are fully protected from a lightning strike.

And while safety is the number one priority, lightning protection is also about looking after your home and your valued possessions. Each year some $960 million in homeowner’s insurance is for claims due to damage caused by lightning in the US. So as you can see, lightning strikes do happen, and it could happen to you. Make sure your home and loved ones are safe.


Commercial Lightning Rods

Commercial properties can suffer significant damage and loss of stock and income due to lightning strikes. Fire is the most common outcome of a lightning strike, along with extensive damage to electrical goods and the circuitry of the unfortunate premises. Business downtime will be the result and, in the event of a building being gutted by fire, this downtime could be extensive.

No matter what size or type of business you have, McDonald’s have a lightning protection system to service your requirements. These systems will not prevent a lightning strike from occurring, but what they are designed to do is capture that energy and draw it safely away from the premises, guaranteeing that no harm will be done.

A business lightning protection system is comprised of three components:

  1. Lightning rods
  2. Grounding rods
  3. Conductor cables

This system well secure your business and protect it from lightning damage.


Stay Safe During Thunderstorms

Don’t take the risk with the safety of your loved ones, your home or your business. Call in the team of experts with over 40 years experience. Get McDonald’s Lightning Protection to install a system today and give yourself complete peace of mind.

Servicing: All of Colorado. Phone today on: (303) 893-1610.

We are currently working with McDonald Lightning on increasing their online viability by providing online marketing services near Denver and all of Colorado. We look forward to a long term partnership and exceeding their expectations!


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