Painting a room may seem like a simple project. However, there are many details that the average homeowner in Lubbock overlooks. Without the right techniques, you may end up with bubbles on the walls, dripping paint, and paint splatter on your flooring.

For all types of interior or exterior painting, you are better off hiring a professional. Here are some of the top reasons to hire Steve Matthews Painting for reliable remodeling painting services in the Lubbock, Texas area.

Update Your Lubbock Home with Expert Painting Services

  • Save time by hiring a professional. You likely already have a busy schedule and painting is a time-consuming task, especially with complete remodels. Unless you take time off from work, you may only have a few hours per day to paint. Professional painters get the job done quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get back to your normal routine.
  • Remodeling painting services are safer compared to doing it yourself. If you have tall ceilings or a two-story entry, you may need to get on a ladder to reach the ceiling. With exterior painting, the safety risks are even greater. Professionals have experience working at heights and the necessary equipment for painting interior and exterior surfaces of all heights.
  • Hiring a professional in Lubbock, Texas protects the rest of your house. During interior painting projects, professionals carefully prepare the room and immovable objects with tarps, drop cloths, and tape to shield against paint splatter.
  • Ensure that your new paint job looks great with tape and bed and texture. Experienced painters use the best techniques to get quality results.
  • Painting contractors also use high-quality paints and materials for remodeling painting services. They can even help you select the right colors and finish for your project. These details help ensure that your new paint lives up to your expectations.
  • Professionals also clean up after themselves. After completing the painting project, you do not need to deal with a room full of painting supplies and paint-covered drop cloths. The room is ready for you to move your furniture and décor back inside.
  • The interior painting also provides the most cost-effective way to update the look of a room. Instead of spending money replacing fixtures and flooring, you can simply give the walls and ceiling a fresh coat of paint. You can instantly transform any room in your house or commercial property.

Free Estimates for Exterior Home or Structure – Paint or Stain in Lubbock

Steve Matthews and his team have handled all types of exterior and interior painting projects for residential and commercial customers in Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding areas. Dickens County, Shallow Water, Little Field, and Levelland are all within range. Whether you need interior or exterior home paint or stain, the team at Steve Matthews are ready to help.

If you need expert painting for complete remodels or minor updates on new and used houses, contact Steve Matthews Painting today at (806) 773-0737. Get your estimate for reliable remodeling painting services.

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