With the winter season rapidly approaching, a lot of folks are taking the time to go over all of the little tasks and projects that they have been putting off around the house for far too long.


Whether it’s just adding replacement windows or hiring experienced Kansas City remodelers to overhaul an entire room, wintertime is the best time to get to work on those improvements.

Here are a few:


Add or Replace Siding with Top Siding Companies in Kansas City

It’s fitting that this should be first on the list, as siding is one of the homes’ first defenses against the brutality of winter weather and conditions. Snow, sleet, freezing rain, as well as damage from high winds can all be drastically reduced by adding this all-important protection to a house. But it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Here are some of the options available:


  • Metal siding
  • Vinyl siding
  • Wood siding
  • Brick siding
  • Fiber cement siding


It should be noted that each different type of siding may not be compatible with every kind of house, which is why there are multiple options. The professionals who handle this kind of work will be able to quickly tell after an initial inspection which siding material would be the best option for any given home.


Paint a Room (or Three)

In addition to the upgrades that siding companies in Kansas City can perform for the outside of a home, slapping on a few coats of paint to liven up a room(s) during the gray and gloomy winter months can also have a significant effect on not only the appearance and atmosphere of that room, but on the attitudes and moods of those who reside in them as well.


Insulate Outdoor Piping

This is a must, no matter how temperate of a winter season a homeowner might live in. Even one hard freeze can cause serious damage to pipes and plumbing and could cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair! A little bit of cloth, foam, and duct tape can take care of that problem quickly and easily. It is critical that this is done before the first significant drop in temperatures.


Seal Off Air Leaks and Openings

Since the main theme of winter projects are usually to warm up the house and shut the winter weather out, it would only make sense that one of the chores that should be undertaken would be to close off and seal any gaps or cracks that are allowing cold air inside. This is where replacement windows might really come in handy.


The areas that are the most common culprit when it comes to letting that drafty air in are places like door cracks, window seals, fireplaces, and anywhere else that offers access to the outside.


Install a Smart Thermostat

Technology continues to make life easier and at-home chores and responsibilities are no exception. Running the heat all day can get expensive during the cold months and waiting until someone gets home to turn it on can leave the whole family chilly for hours as they wait for the temperature to catch up to the thermostat. A smart thermostat can be controlled from anywhere.


While this isn’t really an option for families who have a member which stays home all day, or pets that don’t take well to the cold, it can still be useful for the overnight hours, as well as during the warmer months when making sure that the air conditioning is set for and functioning at the right times.


Pressure Wash the Exterior

Just as siding companies in Kansas City can help residents to protect the exterior of their homes from cold weather and other possible threats, pressure washing the outside of the house can also offer similar benefits, though on a smaller scale. It also keeps the dirt, grime, and various other debris from becoming caked and frozen on during the winter.


Keeping the home’s exterior clean in the wintertime can make the coming plans for spring much easier to implement. Whether it is painting, replacing gutters, or adding that siding, it is so much simpler when a thorough cleaning isn’t really needed first.


Clean the Windows

If opting for professional Kansas City remodelers to come to install replacements is out of the question, simple washing and cleaning of the windows can still produce a better view of the gorgeous winter wonderland that is developing outside. It only takes a few minutes, a little bit of effort, and basic cleaning supplies that most people already have in their homes.


Another little tip is to use wadded up newspaper for polishing windows. This cleaning hack produces the most amazing shine on glass products of all kinds, not just windows.


General Decluttering

This is something that will help people get a major head start on the spring cleaning that is now just a few short months away. But don’t go overboard or try to tackle the entire house at one time.

Start with one room and go from there. Separating what needs to be kept from what can be thrown away is an excellent start.

From there, throwing those things away and moving others to a more appropriate place (like the attic, garage, or shed for storage) will help to keep a person busy during a season in which most people feel like it is very difficult to be productive or get much accomplished.

It also gives parents a way to keep their children in the habit of performing chores, even when it’s freezing.


A Final Word

No matter what project or home improvement task any homeowner elects to do during this time of the year, the most important thing to remember is that it isn’t crucial that it get done right away. Unless there is some kind of emergency that is letting in way too much of the winter elements, most tasks can be delayed until spring arrives and brings with it warmer weather.

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