A Google Business Manager is a profile for your business or service. You or a designated staff or manager can create this profile directly on Google. 

In many cases, this business is the one-stop shop in Google for handling the look and success of your organization in the search engine. 

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It contains your business name, business information, business address, business description, business hours, business website, and many more.

The most significant distinction between Google’s profiles and other directories is that the GMB listing can be unbelievably comprehensive. 

Furthermore, Google can generate details in a broad category.

In addition, your Google My Business listing can be integrated with Google Maps. 

This can definitely help you out in achieving great results for local SEO. 

Many local businesses surprisingly tend to neglect their GMB listing

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Most enterprises do not know that Google provides several other features to optimize their Google My Company listing and that you can update the business listing regularly to ensure that it is still correct.

It is necessary to say that the information is correct and regularly updated in Google business profiles. 

Users and aggregators are often mindful that they can adjust their business location or business hours inaccurately or that aggregators do not provide any unideal knowledge about their company group.

Important Google Manager User Roles

There are four access levels forms for GMB. 

As proper business management on Google My Business is crucial, you need to make sure that you’re giving the right type of access to key people in your company. 

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Be extra cautious as these users may have the ability to update and change your business information directly and even create posts.

You want to be sure that GMB management is done correctly and all the information is properly updated so your listing may help with local rankings and you can reach both old and new customers. 

Here are the four access levels or user roles: 

Primary Owner

The first one who declares or reviews a list is the primary owner

The principal owner can exclude all owners and cannot erase himself from a registry until the primary ownership is passed to another person.


Multiple proprietors can have listed. Owners have full permission to edit a company’s data and to add and uninstall accounts.

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Administrators have the same editing privileges as owners but cannot control users. 

The critical distinction between an owner and a Google business profile manager is that managers cannot allow new users permission.

Relations Advisor

This is the limited degree of entry to a company listing for visitors.

 A consumer can react to feedback and edit some business details, but not everything.

Important Tips to Remember for Your Google Business Profile User Roles

It is appropriate to limit the SEO agencies to the manager or communications manager options in the GMB settings, based on the access they may have for their planned job duties.

This is especially true if you have explicit knowledge of Google business profile and can entirely manage the business list and understand both responsibilities.

You can verify your GMB listing by postcard verification, search console, phone call verification, and email verification.

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What if Someone Claimed My Business Listing on Google?

It can be alarming to discover that someone else claimed your business on Google. Fortunately, it is relatively straightforward to fix.

If you have found that someone else has claimed your business, Google has provided a handy link to the official Google page. It will help you to request ownership of a Business Profile.

What Are the Advantages of These Listings?

As users scan for localized keywords or terms using Google, the related local business findings are displayed, all of them personalized according to the search phrase.

Google Business Manager is a free business listing for several prospective buyers of one of the leading web search engines. 

Like GMB, numerous other popular online directories for various industries are open.

However, these listings also come at a charge, regardless of whether it is a fixed monthly or annual rate.

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Google has recently implemented a message function that enables businesses to chat directly with customers on the search results page who will find their profiles.

With this feature, organizations can answer questions quickly and assist existing and future customers.

In addition to the broader view you have, you will have access to Google My Industry Insights as you set up and refine your BMP listing.

This offers comprehensive details about how, where, and what your customers are looking for when they search for a company like yours.

With access to these high-powered resources, you can not only identify your brand and refine it but also hold your company up to date with digital trends.

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Here are some more advantages of having a Google business profile: 

  1. Especially for service area businesses that rely on local search results or local SEO to reach more customers, a Google business profile is a great benefit. 
  2. Aside from having a Google listing, you can also publish business posts so you can update your customers about your business hours or new offers you have available. 
  3. As an effective local finder business app, business management is made easy when you have a Google business profile. You can show your website address, physical location as seen on the Google maps app, and so much more. 
  4. Local businesses aiming to have better local SEO or local search engine results must create a Google business profile as it can help them easily manage interactions with customers. 

How to Improve Your Google Business Profile

There’s no doubt that Google search is the most widely used search engine practically everywhere in the world. Whether you want to sell products or you’re offering services to your customers, having a Google business profile can definitely be very beneficial. 

Knowledge of proper GMB management can benefit your business greatly. Here are some tips for you to make the most out of GMB services. 

  • Make sure that your GMB listing is up to date. Access your business profile directly and double-check all information you have added there are correct including your business name, physical location, list of services and more. 
  • Update and make use of the edit profile section as needed. Add new services when you are offering something new. Update your hours when necessary including when you’re temporarily closed. 
  • Many businesses make use of Google posts to gain more requests from their customers. Create new posts and encourage your customers to give you a call for inquiries. 
  • Update your business profile picture, cover photo, and add photos of your products and services too. 
  • Pay attention to the reviews section. As part of user generated content, new customers are attracted by good feedback from previous customers. Manage Google reviews effectively by responding to both positive and negative reviews too. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Google business manager do?

This is the person assigned to manage your Google My Business or GMB account. The manager will have similar capabilities to the GMB owner and can be tasked to optimize the listing, add services, posts, and images, and respond to business reviews. A business manager cannot change or edit user permissions on a GMB account.

How do I manage my Google business account?

Log in to your Google account, then access your Google business profile from your Google apps. You will find this option at the upper right-hand corner of your desktop window, to the left of your profile picture. You can then choose to edit your profile, add information and images, promote your account, and more. 

Is Google my business free?

Google My Business is completely free. You can sign up, manage your account, and reach your target audience at no cost. 

How do I access my Google business page?

Sign in to your Google account, then access your Google business account from Google Apps. For businesses with multiple locations, choose the location you want to access or manage. 

How much does Google My Business cost?

Google My Business is free. Use a free Google account to create a GMB profile. 

Is Google my business worth it?

Google My Business is a valuable tool for all types of businesses, large and small. With Google staying strong as the leader of the global search market with a share of over 86%, maximizing all possible tools available on Google is definitely a must for every business owner. 

How do I Google my business?

Visit google.com then type the name of your business on the search bar. For brand new potential customers, they will likely type the service they’re looking for and their location on the search bar. You can try this too to see whether your business appears on the search results page when others are looking for the service you offer.

What happens if you claim a business on Google?

If you find a business profile that shows your company name and physical address, you may claim ownership to begin managing your profile. If someone else has claimed your business profile previously, you may have to request ownership first before you can start updating your profile. 

How do I get my business at the top of Google search?

You can increase your online presence and be on top of Google search through SEO or search engine optimization. High-quality content combined with using strategic keywords on your website, Google My Business, and other online profiles, including social media accounts, can help take your business to the first page of Google search results. Backlinks from authority websites can also help your SEO. 

How Much Does Google My Business Cost Per Month?

Google My Business is free. You do not have to pay anything to create a profile and use GMB. You may, however, link Google Ads to your GMB. Google Ads are not free. 

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