HomeAdvisor is one of the most popular lead generation companies for contractors and other service providers.


The company helps dramatically improve the online marketing campaigns of these service providers for a fee.


But how exactly do these fees break down?


Here’s the HomeAdvisor lead schedule:

Contractors who choose to become a HomeAdvisor Pro member pay a fee for each lead that HomeAdvisor provides them.

The amount charged per lead varies on several factors, but the average cost is $15 to $60 per lead.

Interested contractors can get more information on exact costs upon contacting Homeadvisor to sign up. Use this link to check out the precise breakdown fees for tasks in different work categories, states, and metro areas.

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HomeAdvisor Lead Fee Schedule, Why it’s important


There are two types of leads that HomeAdvisor provides members with: market match leads and exact match leads. The market match leads cost less, but they are sent to additional service pros in the area, so there’s more competition to win them. The exact match leads are sent only to the specific requesting member, so the element of exclusivity costs more. 


Remember that HomeAdvisor Pro members pay for leads whether they win them or not. The fee covers the delivery of leads and nothing more. There’s no guarantee that the leads will become jobs, and HomeAdvisor never directly provides jobs. 


The Spend Target


Members set a “spend target,” the approximate amount of money they want to spend over 28 days.


This is not a definitive cap on spending, just an estimate to guide the number and type of leads delivered. The amount can be changed at any time, and members receive a weekly bill for incoming leads, so it’s easy to keep track of. 


Two items charged outside of the spending target are instant booking leads and Job Opportunity leads, so that’s another thing to keep in mind.


Lead Management Tools


HomeAdvisor offers a variety of tools to manage leads, including a mobile app. Members can turn leads on and off at will for their ultimate convenience.


They can even select which jobs to get leads for, which will considerably reduce unnecessary costs. 


In addition to the charge per lead, companies who become HomeAdvisor members also need to pay a yearly subscription. This is a separate part of the HomeAdvisor lead fee schedule. The subscription fee costs hundreds of dollars. 

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Here are the benefits


A solid online presence can make or break a business these days, so it may be worth considering what HomeAdvisor brings to the table in terms of online marketing. The relatively small fee for each lead might be well worth it if it helps build a base of new customers who can become lifelong loyal customers.

Word of mouth is powerful, but only if there are mouths to say good things about the company, to begin with. Check out the exact HomeAdvisor lead fee schedule for yourself to make the right decision for your company.