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Why Millions of People Are Updating To WordPress 5.2

There was once a time when setting up a website was considered a highly skilled task that would require hiring someone well versed in all things IT. This idea was, however, put to bed many years ago with the launching of WordPress software.

By using WordPress, many novices became able to create, update and manage websites. From business e-commerce sites to fashion blogs, WordPress has opened up a whole world of opportunities for anyone interested in making their mark online.

What is WordPress 5.2?

Technically put, WordPress is a free online open-source content management system. It allows users to build up and modify their websites as they need to. The most important aspect of a website is the content that fills it up and makes up the info that online readers will look at. Over time, changes are regularly needed. WordPress provides a simple means by which to make these changes without needing to be a web developer or programmer.

Being open-source means that thanks to those that do have programming skills, and have willingly contributed, the software is continually being improved upon.  This is different from other closed source web builders, like Weebly, that restrict how much of their core functions can be modified. In its current WordPress 5.2 version, there are over 5,000 themes and 50,000 plug-ins available to help users create and customize just about any design of a website that is possible. In fact, of the top 10 million websites on the internet today, over a third are powered by WordPress.

Themes are basically the aesthetics of the website, such as the background and fonts applied. To see how easy on the eye the selected appearance will be, you can use the lorem ipsum text to get a feel before adding on relevant content.

Plug-ins refer to software add-ons that support specific functions. They add desired functionality to a site, such as social media plug-ins that help to promote sharing of content across social media pages and track followers and likes. These two features are what primarily make the sites created customizable.

How It Works

To begin with, you will need to purchase web hosting. This refers to the server storage space for your site and where your online visitors will need to view the site from. Your web host is who keeps your website online and accessible. There are numerous web hosting providers, with their charges ranging anywhere between $3 and $150 a month. While there are many WordPress alternatives that offer this service on the cheap, it is best to ascertain the track record of the provider and the kind of support you will be getting when making a choice.

Once you have a web host, you will need to name your website, which means come up with a suitable web address. Also referred to as the domain name, this will be your identifier to online users and can be the difference between disappearing or standing out in the crowd. Whatever string of numbers, letters or words that you use, be sure to keep it simple, concise and memorable.

Why Try It?

The most obvious reason to try WordPress is the low cost of it. Setting up a website that will boost your business, promote a cause, or market your brand successfully can be a time consuming and expensive affair. WordPress has made it a much simpler task that does not call for having to hire costly professionals.

In fact, it can take just a few hours of work to set up a completely new website. You just need to have your content ready to upload, arrange and customize.

With just a little effort, you can easily work out how to use the platform to manage your site. There is plenty of online information on how to make use of the numerous themes and plug-ins availed. There are video tutorials, guide articles and even forums on which you can interact with cyber programmers and developers. WordPress has fostered a very nurturing community of users willing to help each other out any time.

The many themes and plug-ins currently on offer did not suddenly appear when the site was launched. These are the fruits of the progressive contribution of volunteers over the years. This along with ongoing WordPress updates has gone a long way in making this stable system what it is today. The most recent WordPress 5.2 version, named “Jaco”, provides updates that will have users better able to identify and fix configuration problems, and manage fatal errors. There are also now better plug-in compatibility checks depending on a site’s PHP version to avoid errors.

The responsiveness of this content management system is such that the websites created are easily accessible on all kinds of mobile devices. This is very important where you are trying to connect with as many users as possible. With over half of the current online traffic coming in through smaller devices like tablets and smartphones, being mobile friendly is a priority.

Why WordPress Web Hosting Is Important

One of the biggest problems novices face when trying to create and manage a website is the lack of support from the WordPress web host. Many of the cheapest web-hosting providers tend to oversell their product and provide little support to often desperate clients. With managed WordPress hosting, there is always better support from technical teams ready and able to tackle any kind of issue. Whether it is software or hardware challenges, you should get quick and effective responses to queries.

Despite its huge popularity as a means of creating and managing websites, WordPress does not suffer much lag in loading and uptimes. This is in part due to the clean structure of the software that makes the websites load quickly. There are also many plug-ins that help track speed, compress data and can simplify the code.  The uptime and speed of a website play a big role in making an online visitor experience enjoyable and likely to recur.

For the majority of today’s businesses, an online presence has become necessary. More and more people are opting out of brick and mortar establishments and turning to online resources for their needs and desires. This makes it vital to have a website that represents what you have to offer well. While there is the option to hire a web developer to do this work, know that WordPress offers a simple means of achieving your goal without having to be a pro yourself. Log-in today and explore the many tools available in making your website stand out from the rest.

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