What Makes Us The Best SEO Company for Small Business

Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of our company. You will be assigned a customer service team that will go over the details of your package, keyword recommendations, customer portal functionality, client progress reporting and a detailed timeline on the services we provide.

Marketing Strategies

When it comes to Local SEO, implementing proper Marketing Strategies is imperative. Every zip code, every city is different. When a customer is doing a search in Los Angeles, the keywords they input into the search engine are usually different than the keywords that would be used by a customer looking for the same products or services in Miami.

This is where Creactive is very different. We analyze your zip code, and all surrounding zip codes to see what potential customers are searching for. Google states that 55% of all searches are now three or more keywords!

Our Local SEO Services are designed to find the proper marketing strategies for your business in the areas that you service. We do not use a one-strategy-fits-all approach. This kind of internet marketing practice is what has made Creactive the number one SEO company in America for small businesses!

Business Evaluation

Once you decide to become a member of our services the process starts with an individual consultation. This includes a full business evaluation that will cover your short and long-term goals, products and services that you offer, your current online presence, visible online discrepancies, competitor analysis, complete keyword recommendations, and proper expectations.

The end result will be a specialized strategy designed to attract the exact client base you want for your business.

Marketing Consultation

We will provide a detailed consultation in order to recommend the package that will best serve your business needs and the customers you want to attract. Explaining the differences between each product, the pros and cons of the individual services, and help you understand the right strategy that will achieve your desired goals.