Home-Starting to Feel a bit Crammed? A Room Addition Could be the Perfect Solution to Your Problem


There have probably been some new additions over the years since you first moved into your home. More furniture, items, clothing, electronics, appliances and the list goes on. Possibly even new family members or pets. Throughout the years, you may begin to feel like space in your home is slowly shrinking. While most families turn to remodeling or moving into a new home completely, others take the full advantages that a home addition can bring. There are many benefits to investing in room additions. Here are a few worth mentioning:

  • You will have more space. One of the top requests homeowners bring up when they remodel is the need for more space. Most people like to store bikes, old electronics, photo albums, fitness equipment and much more in their homes. A room addition can improve your usable square footage, whether it is in the form of a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or living room. Even a small room addition can provide huge results.
  • There will enough room for extra family members. In recent years, studies have shown that more young adults, up to 40%, are moving back home with their families. In 2012, over 21 million millennials moved back with their parents. Moreover, there is also an increase in senior citizens moving into their children’s homes. If you have additional family members staying with you long term, additional space will do you wonders. A new bedroom can be the difference between a cramped home and having enough space for everyone.
  • You can rent out the room addition for extra income. If you choose to build a bedroom and bathroom, you can rent it out for additional income. The rent money can help make up for the costs of building the addition. Although room additions are rarely created for this purpose, they can be a source of income down the road.
  • The room addition can increase the value of your home. Although home additions typically increase your home’s value, it is not always the case. Contact a real estate agent before building a home addition for this reason.


Change the Entire Look and Feel of Your Home With Remodeling Services


Perhaps you don’t need a room addition but would like to renew the “spark” in your home. Maybe it’s been years since the last updates and you want to change the ambiance, look, or layout. Curts Construction, LLC can help you with all of your remodeling needs near Noblesville, IN and the surrounding areas. They have over 65 years of construction, remodeling, and design services. Whichever vision you have for your home, they can create for you.


Whether you are in the market for a brand new kitchen to improve your cooking skills or you want a renovated backyard to entertain guests, they can turn your idea into a reality. Get in touch with one of their experts today at  317-403-0456. One of their friendly staff members will be more than happy to answer any questions may have about remodeling, after all, they are the experts!

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