So what are the top 10 keywords for a plumber?

When it comes to the most effective and profitable form of advertising available today, few people would argue that establishing a strong online presence is the best way to go.

Understanding and targeting the top keywords for your specific industry is essential in being competitive for that share of the business. 

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Every type of good or service which is available online has keywords associated with it. This is just as true for a plumbing company as it is a car repair shop or exercise equipment manufacturer. The secret to effective internet marketing is to find the most searched terms (keywords) concerning your type of business and target those through specific content creation:


  •         High-quality blogs and articles
  •         Frequently updated, relevant content
  •         ALT tags
  •         Optimized images
  •         Improved readability
  •         Keyword links through B2B marketing


For the purposes of today’s article, a brief look at each of the top 10 searches for plumbing companies is in order.

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This will help the reader better understand the specific words that are being searched for in the plumbing industry, as well as give them a clearer sense of direction in the way they should steer their online advertising and marketing campaigns. 

The top ten keywords every plumber should strive to rank for, include:


#1 – Plumber Near Me

The number one search term on the list combines both the need for the service along with the area in which it should be located. Since most internet providers can track a user’s location to optimize search results, this is the most common term used for potential customers looking for plumbing work.

Plumber near me vs Plumbers near me

#2 – Plumber

The second most popular search term for a plumber is just that; plumber. This type of search, when lacking regional requirements will open up the search parameters and include businesses and contractors from other regions.


But it can be an especially beneficial keyword to rank for because it can also reduce your local competition amongst nearby rival companies that focus more on targeting “plumber near me” rather than “plumber” as well.


#3 – Emergency Plumber

Sudden or unexpected plumbing disasters are quite common. Common enough in fact to drive the third-highest keyword rank in the entire plumber SEO market. If your company provides this type of service then you will no doubt want to incorporate this keyword into your online marketing strategy.

Emergency Plumber needed


#4 – 24 Hour Plumber

This shows the frequency of the need for plumbing services all hours of the day or night. Although this is basically a sister-search for “emergency plumber” it is still a different keyword with its own set of users searching for it and therefore, its own customer base for you to develop leads from.


#5 – Emergency Plumber Near Me

At number five you see the “near me” variation on the third most searched keyword for plumbing. This again shows the importance of not only ranking for the regular keyword itself, but also for the searches that include the local stipulation. This is done by including the town or region that your business serves along with the keyword in your content.


For example, a plumbing company in Austin, TX might use keyword phrases such as “emergency plumber in Austin” or “emergency plumber near Austin” to capitalize on these types of searches.


#6 – Affordable Plumber

Just as with nearly any other product or service, price matters to most people. It is not at all uncommon to see some type of cost-associated word mixed in with a typical keyword. For those who offer competitive prices this is an important Google ranking to top.

Plumber SEO


#7 – 24 Hour Plumber Near Me

Just to show you the importance of targeting the emergency and 24 hour-related plumbing keywords, you’ll notice how three different variations of this search end up in the overall top ten keywords for the entire industry. This means people search for after-hours service quite a bit and just like with many of the other phrases on the list, “near me” is often included.


#8 – Cheap Plumber Near Me

Number eight on the list of ten is a more informal version of number six. But it continues the pattern of also seeing a local, regional tilt to the search. This (along with the next example on the list) should make crystal clear the importance of ranking in the local area.

plumber water leak repair


#9 – Local Plumber Near Me

Although it may be a little redundant to use “local” and “near me” in the same search, SEO experts don’t create the keywords used, they just identify them and utilize them in an effective online marketing strategy.


#10 – Best Plumber

Finally, number ten on the list is a search criterion that most likely every plumbing company would like to think they fit into; “best plumber”. While who is truly the best may be a matter of opinion, the fact is that any business that wants to be competitive needs to make sure that they are doing everything possible to establish a strong showing in the rankings of these 10 keywords.


If you’re a plumber, understanding the top 10 keywords for your industry is essential in order to be competitive for leads from the internet.

By targeting these specific keywords, you’ll be able to better understand what potential customers are searching for and how they’re finding businesses like yours online.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let us help you establish a strong online presence today.

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