If you are a kitchen remodeling contractor finding the best keywords searched on Google is important to bring in the right business.

Kitchen remodeling contractor keywords

Keeping in mind that there are really hundreds of variations of keyword searches every day in just about every local area in the United States. 


Here are the top 20 keywords for a kitchen remodeling contractor: 


  • kitchen remodeling
  • kitchen remodel cost
  • kitchen renovation
  • kitchen makeovers
  • kitchen renovation cost
  • kitchen and bath
  • kitchen remodel near me
  • small kitchen remodel
  • Kitchen remodeling ideas
  • kitchen remodeling near me
  • galley kitchen remodel
  • kitchen contractors
  • small kitchen renovation
  • kitchen remodeling companies
  • kitchen contractors near me
  • kitchen renovation near me
  • kitchen remodeling contractors
  • small kitchen remodel cost
  • affordable kitchen remodel
  • kitchen remodeling companies near me


How to rank on Google for these keywords? 


Now that you know the top searched keywords, the million-dollar question, how do I get my company to come up for them when people search online?

Google Rankings SEO Service

When it comes to optimizing your company online, one thing you need to understand is everything is connected.


Your Website, your Google My Business profile, your company’s business directories, your social media profiles, and backlinks, Google looks at everything when determining your rankings. 


#1 for us, Content, Content is still king


Using some of these keywords strategically throughout your website is step one!


Websites with a lot of pictures may look better than a website full of words, but in most cases, if your site doesn’t have content Google will have no idea of what you do. 


Not only content, laying the content out in a way that search engines and crawling bots like is just as important. 


We know that for many of you reading this we are speaking Marshan, everything a good SEO company does is important to the process.


#2 Google My Business Management


Optimizing your Google My Business profile has really become a necessity to your business success. 

Google my business management

98% of any phone calls or even leads from your website are coming from someone clicking on your Google Business page in the map section.


One of the big contributors to your Google listing is your website! Yep, your website helps considerably with the ranking of your Google Business listing.


The Takeaway


There are many factors that Google looks at when bringing your company up in local searches. 


We have found that good content is the catalyst, without it in most cases you are just wasting your time.


Content marketing is by far the most reliable and gets the best results, it isn’t fast, it is effective. 

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