If you are like most Kingston families looking to build a brand new modern home, you may be wondering where to start with the construction. After all, this financial investment may be the most important one you ever make. A home is a place where families make memories, form dreams that turn into accomplishments, and so much more. You want your home to be a special place.


Instead of seeing the planning and designing being a disheartening, stressful process, you want to hire a company that will encourage you to see it as an exciting, life-changing journey. In all honesty, there is a thin line between the two perspectives, and the company you choose to go with will make all of the difference.  

At Cataldo Construction Company, LLC, they walk with you hand-in-hand through the entire new home construction process, from the initial meeting to the final touches. They understand the high demands of the construction industry around Kingston and will construct a home that will be your dream home for decades to come.

Bring Inspiration Back Into Your Home: Remodeling Construction for Your Kingston Property


Bring beauty, life, and inspiration back into your home. As the years go on and we live our busy lives, we may not even notice that our homes are starting to look out of date and low on space.  If this is the case for you, it is time for a change. Cataldo Construction Company, LLC can help you with all your remodeling construction needs. They are a full-service construction company that has a keen eye for their clients’ needs.


They specialize in:


  • Remodeling construction
  • New home construction
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Drywall repair
  • Commercial construction


When it comes to remodeling construction in Kingston, whatever your dream, Cataldo Construction Company, LLC can help turn it into reality. They never cut corners and focus on attention to detail.

Choose the Best and Forget the Rest: Top-Quality New Home Construction Near Kingston

Cataldo Construction Company, LLC was established in 1996 in Kingston, ID and has provided high-quality work ever since. They are among the most reputable residential and commercial construction company in the local area.


With many years of experience, Cataldo Construction Company, LLC delivers high-quality work that ensures outstanding results to homeowners in Kingston. Their wide range of remodeling construction services is fully customizable to suit your individual needs. With a very high rating on HomeAdvisor, this is what just some of their happy customers had to say:


He did tiling work for me in a 30 unit apartment complex, construction from the ground up for my 6000 sq ft home. He really does great work on any project from minor work to large detailed work. I would highly recommend him. His craftsmanship is topnotch.” Clint D. – Kingston.


It was excellent, answered all our questions and had great communication skills.” Bud S. – Kingston.

No building project is too big or complex for Cataldo Construction Company, LLC to handle. With their skills and years of experience, they will handle your project with care and attention to detail to make sure you get the dream home in Kingston you always wanted.

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