Country Music Stays Ahead of Other Genres


If there is a music genre that has long proven its staying power, it is country music. Not only are the biggest country music artists among the highest music industry earners, but this Americana mainstay has also managed to seep into other niches like pop and rap music.

This crossover action has helped to further popularize country, not just at home, but even abroad. It has also helped to increase listeners amongst younger demographics.

While a lot of the current country music does feature modern acoustics from such devices as electronic keyboards and computerized drumbeats, there is still plenty of the traditional sound to be found in its roots.

Even artists that have enjoyed decades’ old careers in business, like the indomitable Dolly Parton and George Strait, continue to churn out chart-toppers today.

The country music scene has many up-and-rising artists, and for those wanting to explore more of this genre, there are a few ways to get into it.


How Country Continues to Become Widespread


As mentioned, crossovers with other music genres have helped country music. With bands as quintessentially country as Florida Georgia Line teaming up with rapper Nelly and hip hop artist Bebe Rexha, there is a huge external fan base being tapped into.

While classic country blues songs like ‘Down the Dirt Road Blues’ by Charley Patton and ‘Careless Love’ by Lonnie Johnson are evidence of the ability to merge country with other genres, there has been greater success in recent years with the more modern rap, hip hop, and pop sounds.

In recent years, there have been changes in how people discover new music. Before, it was all about radio and television play. It was crucial for artists to get airplay time if they were ever going to get any attention.

Things have changed with the growth of the internet, as it provides artists the ability to reach out to the global audience. From social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to podcasts like ‘thesportsguys’, there are many new ways to reach out to fans.

The Sports Guys’ Backstage Pass segment provides an excellent opportunity for popular and lesser-known country artists to connect with online audiences. Here they can talk about their inspirations, memories, upcoming events and even play some of their latest tracks.

There has always been a close relationship between country music and sports. Many artists perform live shows at sporting events and their music is regularly played in the background. For many fans, their love of sports and country music is forever intertwined. This combination makes The Sports Guys an ideal listening choice, as they feature both artist and sports interviews in their content, as compared to other podcasts that focus on one or the other.  

Another way the internet has helped to boost the genre is through recommending playlists. Many people start out searching for a particular artist and are gradually led to other similar artists, and those they have collaborated with. The collabs help with crossovers, as people are encouraged to explore new genres they would not have initially thought to try on their own. Platforms like Youtube and Spotify help to customize recommended playlists based on previous music choices.

The biggest country stars have also put much effort and investment in boosting the genre. Many of their live shows today are quite the extravaganzas, with fireworks displays, guest artists of the same and other genres and huge sold-out venues. Many of the highest-grossing national and international music tours include country artists and have helped boost their career earnings majorly.


Reasons to Listen to Country Music


  • Crossovers

No matter your preference in music, chances are there are some crossover songs already in play. This should make for an easy entryway into the genre, and with simple access to online recommendations from experts and other listeners, it should not be hard to find something appealing. Even for discerning country music listeners in Beaumont, there is still an opportunity to discover new artists by listening to such channels as The Sports Guys.


  • Easy Access

Numerous local and international radio shows and stations can be easily accessed online. There are over 4,000 stations devoted to country music, meaning that it should just take a few clicks to find what you want.

If you would like more than just the music, then listening to sports podcasts like The Sports Guys offers a great opportunity to learn more about the artists and industry. If you are an aspiring artist, the online community is a great place to get started in promoting your work and earning critique that can guide your future efforts.


  • Heartfelt Music

Of all the genres in music, this is the one with the best combination of deep lyrics and soulful sound. Many of the biggest stars and classic songs feature the artist just strumming their guitar while telling a story.

The stories told often have deep meaning and relatable circumstances. Whether it is a love story or getting over a breakup, people seem to make connections that make the songs all the more meaningful to them. In fact, the lyrics have a historical tendency to focus on the harsh experiences of life, how to face them, and move on.


  • Appreciative Stars

There is a great love that many of the artists display for their fans. They seem genuinely appreciative that their music is so enjoyed and often perform kind gestures. From pulling fans on stage to giving major donations to help various causes, many country stars are known for their respect and generosity to audiences.

It is also nice to see how these artists respect the business by not getting into competitive situations with each other. They tend to speak well of one another and often give up and comers the chance to shine by performing as opening acts on tours.


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