If you’re a builder or contractor, you’ve probably heard of BuildZoom. The company is on the cutting edge of technology in the construction industry, allowing professionals to connect with clients and complete projects more efficiently than ever before.

But what exactly is BuildZoom? And does it live up to its reputation? If so, how does it differ from other similar platforms like HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Houzz, or Angie’s List? And how can you use BuildZoom for your own business? We’ll answer all these questions and more in this Buildzoom review.

What is BuildZoom?

BuildZoom is a website that allows users to search for local contractors and see their reviews, pricing, and other information. It has over 1.5 million contractors listed on its site so far, which makes it one of the largest resources of contractor info in the country.

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The platform is an excellent resource for finding reliable general contractors in your area who specialize in all sorts of different fields, including plumbing repairs, electrical troubleshooting services, or even just basic landscaping needs like mowing lawns or digging holes around trees, so they don’t fall over dead during hurricanes, which always happen.

How does BuildZoom work?

BuildZoom helps property owners find a residential or commercial contractor for home improvement projects. It uses a combination of data science and human expertise to provide homeowners with a list of qualified contractors. The platform combines project management and hiring into one platform so that consumers can get all the help they need in one place.

The website has loads of useful information for consumers. As a consumer, you can search for the best contractor for your job on the BuildZoom website by answering simple questions about the project details (such as square footage) and then receive bids from local contractors in your area who have been matched with your needs based on what you entered (such as price range).

BuildZoom Features

BuildZoom is a great tool for finding the right contractor to help you with your project. If you’re looking for a builder, remodeler, or architect in your area, BuildZoom can help. It allows you to search by category and location, as well as view reviews from other property owners who have worked with each company. You can also see photos of past projects and even watch videos of the work being done.

Here are some of the features that make it so great:

  • Search by zip code, city, or name to find contractors near you.
  • Browse profiles of local contractors, including photos and reviews from past customers.
  • Get bids for your project from multiple contractors in one place, so you can compare prices and choose the best one for your needs.
  • Get quotes from multiple contractors at once by uploading photos or blueprints of your project. Once you’ve gotten multiple bids from various contractors, you can also use their cost estimator tool to compare prices and determine how much it will cost you to build your dream home.
  • Explore real estate listings with Zillow-integrated services in BuildZoom.

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BuildZoom Reviews

BuildZoom reviews are user-generated content that helps you make better buying decisions. When you’re looking for a contractor, the first place to go is your friends and relatives. But what if your friends and relatives aren’t in the same area as you? What if they don’t have the same taste? What if they’re just not handy enough to tell you about their experience with a contractor?

This is where BuildZoom comes in. The website allows users to share their experiences with contractors — and they do it in an easy format that makes it easy for people like us to understand.

For example, let’s say you are looking for a new roofer. It will take you only a few seconds to find out whether or not this person has ever had any complaints filed against them (or even if they’ve ever had any work done at all). You can also see how much work they’ve completed and how much money other people have spent with them in general. With real reviews from real customers, your chances of finding someone who will do quality work at a good price are definitely high.

To make it short, BuildZoom reviews make it easy for everyone to get what they need when it comes to contractors and other service providers.

Can you trust BuildZoom?

According to BuildZoom, they help more than 10 million people find contractors annually. This means there are a lot of users who rely on them every day to find homes for sale that match their needs.

Since its launch in 2011, it has helped thousands of contractors and property owners in their search for homes to buy or sell. The BuildZoom website also provides valuable information about remodeling projects, including average project costs and cost breakdowns by region. This can help you plan your next renovation or upgrade project according to your budget.

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But let’s go back to the original question –  can BuildZoom be trusted? If millions of people are using the platform to find the contractors that they need, it just shows it delivers and helps.

BuildZoom for Contractors

BuildZoom offers a free, easy-to-use tool for contractors to find new projects. It’s a great way to advertise your services and get new leads. It’s easy to use, and it provides you with all the information you need to know about the people you’re working with. Best of all, it’s free!

Here are some of the benefits BuildZoom offers to contractors:

  • BuildZoom helps professionals find new clients and new jobs. It allows you to search for projects based on location, cost, size, etc. so that you can see exactly what type of client you want easily.
  • It lets you search for projects by location or type of project, so you can target your marketing efforts where they’ll be most effective.
  • It has a robust database of properties that it updates daily, so you can always find the latest information about any property you’re looking at — and it’s all free!
  • It lets you upload your portfolio and create profiles for each project you’ve worked on, which makes it easy for potential clients to learn more about your work before contacting you directly through the site’s messaging system.
  • It provides the ability to manage your project bids in one place. BuildZoom allows you to manage all of your project bids in one place so that you don’t have to spend time looking up old quotes or contracts.
  • It sends customized alerts for new projects. BuildZoom provides customized alerts for new projects that match your criteria so that you don’t have to spend time searching through the site yourself.

To create a BuildZoom account as a contractor, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Create an account on Buildzoom.com by typing in your email address and password on the registration page.
  2. Click on My Profile in the top right corner of the page, then click on Edit Profile.
  3. Scroll down on your BuildZoom account until you see Price Quote Options, then select Make Me Available to Homebuyers.
  4. Click on Save Changes at the bottom of your profile page.

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The Drawbacks of BuildZoom

BuildZoom is great for finding a licensed contractor and getting bids on projects. It allows you to compare contractors by price, reviews, and other factors like the size of their portfolio or how long they’ve been in business.

Remember that BuildZoom is not a magic wand — it’s not going to magically connect you with your contractor and fix everything for you. It’s just one more tool in your toolbox, and like any other tool, it has its benefits and drawbacks.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider whether or not BuildZoom is worth it:

  • The database of contractors and service providers on BuildZoom is huge — but not comprehensive. They have hundreds of thousands of contractors who have signed up for their platform, but there are millions more who haven’t yet done so. If your area isn’t represented by one of their registered contractors, it might be tough to find someone who matches what you’re looking for.
  • BuildZoom charges fees on top of what the contractors charge themselves. BuildZoom’s fees are based on a percentage of the cost of construction, which is typically 2-10% of the total amount spent. BuildZoom also charges a flat fee for each project, which is determined by its complexity and how much time it takes to complete.
  • If you’re looking for someone who specializes in a specific area of work (like roofing or plumbing), BuildZoom won’t help you find them. They only have general contractor listings.
  • If you want to find a contractor who works with certain materials — like metal roofs or cedar siding — you need another option because it doesn’t allow users to search by material type. You will have to do this legwork yourself!
  • BuildZoom doesn’t let users leave comments about their experience working with contractors after the project has been completed. This means that if you end up having problems with your contractor later down the line, no one else will know.

BuildZoom vs. HomeAdvisor

BuildZoom is the better choice for contractors, but for homeowners, HomeAdvisor is the clear winner. The former has more listings and a bigger database of contractors to choose from, but it doesn’t have as many homeowners as HomeAdvisor.

HomeAdvisor’s interface is more user-friendly than BuildZoom’s and also offers additional features like an easy way to track your repair/construction projects and communicate with service providers. And while both platforms allow you to leave reviews and rate businesses, HomeAdvisor’s review system allows users to post photos and video clips directly on their page along with their ratings and reviews — a feature that BuildZoom doesn’t offer at all!

BuildZoom is better for finding contractors if:

  • You’re looking to make big changes to your home — new windows or a new roof, for example. BuildZoom offers a lot more options for contractors specializing in these types of jobs, whereas HomeAdvisor doesn’t offer as many choices when it comes to specialty contractors like these.
  • You’re looking for an affordable option. BuildZoom has lower prices than HomeAdvisor does, so if money is an issue for you, the former may be better suited to your needs than HomeAdvisor would be.

BuildZoom vs. Houzz

While BuildZoom is a great resource for comparing building permits, it’s also important to know that Houzz has a much larger user base than BuildZoom. If you’re looking to attract more customers and have more people use your service, then Houzz may be the better option for you.

Both companies offer similar services in terms of home improvement and remodeling information. They both provide information about local contractors, but Buildzoom offers the ability to search by zip code rather than town or city name (which isn’t always available on Houzz).

BuildZoom uses public data from building permits to tell you how many permits have been pulled for a given address and what type of work has been done there. This can help you estimate the cost of a project, but it doesn’t tell you if a contractor is any good or not—you have to do that yourself by looking at their ratings and reviews on BuildZoom.

BuildZoom vs. Thumbtack

BuildZoom and Thumbtack are both home services platforms, but they have some key differences.

BuildZoom is a full-service platform that connects homeowners with general contractors and other home services providers. It also has a handy tool that allows you to search for contractors in your area and compare their prices.

In addition, BuildZoom has a feature called “prove it” that helps contractors show off their work. They can upload pictures of completed projects into their profile so that customers can see what they’ve done before deciding whether or not to hire them.

Thumbtack is a platform that connects consumers with professionals who offer services like photography, marketing, graphic design, and more. The site also provides reviews from previous customers so you can get a sense of how the professionals work before making a decision about hiring them for your project.

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BuildZoom vs. Angie’s List(now Angi’s)

Angie’s List is a membership-based service that offers reviews of local businesses. Angi’s is not a free service, and it is primarily for home services. It may not be the best choice for contractors who don’t work on homes.

BuildZoom provides free estimates, whereas Angie’s List has a premium paid version that offers more features and discounts on services (but only if you pay). If you want to get started with BuildZoom right away, simply sign up for our free estimate tool above.

Angie’s List is more like a marketplace where you can find both contractors and homeowners to hire them. The site allows homeowners to post jobs that need to be done, so contractors can bid on them. Angie’s List also offers reviews from members about their experiences with different companies. But unlike BuildZoom, these reviews aren’t as detailed or as frequent as what we see on BuildZoom.

Is BuildZoom Legit?

If you’re a contractor, BuildZoom can be an indispensable tool for finding new projects and building your business. If you’re a homeowner looking to make home improvements, it can help you find the best contractors in your area at competitive prices. And if you’re considering buying or selling a home, it’s important to know whether or not the neighborhood is well maintained and safe—and what kind of condition the property itself is in. With BuildZoom’s tools and public data on local contractors, homeowners can make informed decisions about which properties to consider purchasing or renting.

The platform is a great tool for contractors and home buyers alike, allowing them to find and hire the best possible contractor for their needs. If you are a contractor looking for new clients, BuildZoom can help you land more jobs in less time by connecting with homeowners who need your services.

BuildZoom is also a must-have tool for home buyers who want to ensure that they hire only the best contractors to handle their projects. However, there are some concerns about the information you can find through BuildZoom. For example, some users have found that the site doesn’t have accurate information about their contractors in their profiles or that they have incorrect contact information listed on their profiles.

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There are also concerns about whether or not BuildZoom will be able to live up to its promises over time. While they’ve made some big promises when it comes to providing accurate contractor data and background checks for all contractors in the future, it’s unclear if they’ll be able to deliver on those promises once they get more users on board and more businesses using the site regularly.


In conclusion, BuildZoom is a great tool for contractors to use to find new projects and valuable clients. It’s also very easy to use, and with its database of over 1 million homes built in the last 10 years, you will be able to find exactly what you need when searching for a project or client. If you are looking for something simpler, we recommend checking out HomeAdvisor, which offers similar services but without all the bells and whistles that BuildZoom has.